Hunt Options/Costs/Trophy Fees: The price of the Mule Deer Hunt is $6500.00 plus a Trophy Fee of $3500.00 for a harvested or wounded deer. This price includes 7 days of hunting, 2 guides per hunter, Firearm Registration, and Hunting License. During the seven day hunt, hunters may have the option of taking a Whitetail for a Trophy Fee of $3500.00.
A law passed in the 2015-2016 season that required EVERY purchaser of a deer tag(s) to report their harvest, even if they were unsuccessful, or if they did not hunt.. For successful hunters, the report must be made within 30 days of harvesting a deer or by January 31, whichever date is first.
The mule deer grow quite large, and it is not uncommon for a deer to exceed 325 pounds in weight fully dressed out. Our guided mule deer hunts are done off of horseback. Horseback mule deer hunts are the ultimate western hunting experience. Given the size and range of the mule deer in our area, hunting them on horseback is a must.
Alberta, Canada is one of the premiere spots in North America for trophy mule deer and we are in one of the best locations within Alberta. Our mule deer hunts take place in the Peace River region of the North West where mule deer are on a limited draw for resident hunters. We own the rights to some of the small number of outfitter tags.
Mule deer populations have plummeted in Oregon to 216,000 animals from historic peaks of more than 300,000 -- and poaching is one of the reasons why, state wildlife managers say.
Jul 22, 2020 · From 1994 to 2016, 23 percent of the mule deer buck harvest consisted of 1½- to 2½-year-old deer. Mule deer between 3½ to 4½ years old made up 44 percent of the harvest and 5.5 and older were ...
7-Day Book Cliffs Guided Bull Elk hunt: $ 6500.00: 7-Day Book Cliffs Guided Cow hunt: $ 2850.00: 7-Day Book Cliffs Guided Mule Deer hunt: $ 3850.00: Book Cliffs Drop Camp (2 person minimum) $ 2250.00: Non hunting companion (per person per day) $ 195.00
Hunting ↳ Mule Deer - General ↳ Archery/Bowhunting - Big Game ↳ Rifle Hunting - Big Game ↳ Muzzleloader Hunting - Big Game ↳ Shooting, Reloading, etc. ↳ Elk Hunting ↳ Antelope Hunting ↳ Whitetail Deer ↳ Shed Hunting ↳ Moose, Caribou, Sheep, Goat Hunting etc. ↳ Cougar, Bear, Coyote Hunting etc. MULE DEER: 8 Day Fully Guided Mule Deer (2on1) $6,000: 5 Day Fully Guided Mule Deer (2on1) $5,400: 3 Day Fully Guided Mule Deer (2on1) $3,100: One to One Hunts are an additional: $1,000: ELK: 6 Day Fully Guided Bull Elk (1on1) $8,300: 3 Day (2 on 1) $4,700: Cow Hunt per day(10% discount for multiple days or hunters) $1,100: OTHER HUNTS: 6 Day ...
Colorado Elk Camp is a hunting outfitter that offers a chance to bag several types of big game including elk & mule deer! We provide guided and self-guided elk hunts, archery hunting and bow hunting in Colorado. Click to book a hunt today.
Mule Deer. You can apply for a mule deer tag on during Nevada's big game application period in March. Please view the Hunt Application Process and Deadlines page for details about application deadlines and rules, and for requests for application materials.
2 days ago · Officials hope the hunt will reduce white-tailed deer densities in areas where the disease is prevalent, minimizing the chances that mule deer, elk and moose will contract it.
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We offer November pre-rut and rut archery deer hunts and limit the number of hunters in camp to 6 at one time. Hunting for whitetail in Kansas is allowed from ½ hour before sunrise until ½ hour after sunset. November 2020 Hunts: 5-1/2 day hunt ~ $5000.00 (includes license and permits-but subject to change) Pricing Terms and Conditions: Archery only hunts for whitetail deer and archery or modern smokeless powder shotguns for Rio Grande turkey. Elk hunting and buffalo hunting is generally restricted to archery and black-powder equipment. However, there are some exceptions: we allow modern .45-70 rifles to hunt buffalo as well. Camping available.
Jul 22, 2020 · From 1994 to 2016, 23 percent of the mule deer buck harvest consisted of 1½- to 2½-year-old deer. Mule deer between 3½ to 4½ years old made up 44 percent of the harvest and 5.5 and older were ...
Founded in the epicenter of monster mule deer country, True Hunts is a foremost expert on opportunities to harvest big mountain deer. Cliff has been involved in the harvest of dozens of deer over 185″, many over 200″ and has spent years researching areas that can produce top quality bucks.
Pronghorn Antelope Hunt Archery (5 day hunt): $2,500 Rifle (3 day hunt): $2,500 Mule Deer Hunt ( 4 or 5 Day Hunt) Rifle: $2,500 Elk/Mule Deer Combo Hunt (5 Day Hunt - Strong Focus on Elk) Rifle: $3,200 Archery: $2,800 High Desert Elk/Deer Combo Hunt (7 Day Hunt) 3rd Rifle Season Only: $3,700 Late Cow Hunt Rifle: $1,200
Spot and stalk is what it's all about for rifle and archery mule deer hunting in South Dakota, especially on private land. Blinds are also used depending on the ability and preference of the hunter. The mule deer hunts are fair chase and the terrain consists of badlands, draws, agricultural fields, sagebrush flats and river bottoms.
Well, I shot 2 BIG Mule deer with this ammo and both were DRT on the spot. The Bullet was recovered on a 260 lbs. buck that that was facing at 100 yds. slightly downhill in the neck that broke 5 vertebrae and was found INTACT just under the hide in front of the right shoulder. The bullet weighed 152 gr. and the buck dropped DRT.
Download 2020 summary deer regulations Download 2020 mule deer conservation area restrictions Download 2020 refuge and public land restrictions for statewide deer permits Download Deer Species Information. DeSoto Bend NWR Deer Hunting Information Boyer Chute NWR Deer Hunting Information Gifford WMA Deer Hunting Draw Application
Twin Peaks Outfitters, Wyoming mule deer hunt takes place in mid-September in region G on the western side of Wyoming just over the border or Idaho. This is also an extreme mule deer hunt taking place at 9500-10,000 feet in elevation. Call us to get help with any leftover mule deer hunting tags in Wyoming.
Most any 130 gr 270 bullet will work just fine on deer/antelope. Buy what you can find at a good price. If you are taking your 270 elk hunting it will still do just fine, but that is where you need to start paying a bit more attention to the bullet. Some might offer a small edge on larger game.
Jan 07, 2016 · Texas is quite strict, and though hunting is a popular sport and a way of life in the state, violation of laws can really put you in a fix. Firearms: In deer hunting, there are a few regulations as to what firearms you can use. Rimfire ammunition of any caliber is not allowed in hunting whitetail, mule deer, or antelope of any kind.
Oct 21, 2015 · In general, mule deer hunters can expect to see more mule deer as compared to recent years. White-tailed deer numbers have continued to lag behind mule deer due to EHD outbreaks in 2011, 2012 and ...
Here at Jenkins Hunting Camp we will help to make you feel at home, with delicious home cooked meals, beautiful scenery, and warm beds to sleep in! We are based in the beautiful Rocky Mountains of western Wyoming home to the Rocky Mountain Elk, Mule deer, Shiras Moose, Pronghorn Antelope and Black bear.
Archery mule deer hunts are available with over the counter tags from August 30-September 30th. Archery hunts are also 5 days/ 6 nights at $3,500 for 2:1 guiding and $4,500 for 1:1 guiding. Other Features of Whitetail and Mule Deer Hunting Trips
No other outfitting operation can offer a mule deer hunt for any hunter based upon his trophy caliber desires. Our deer hunts vary from ranch truck hunts to high country horseback deer hunting adventures or November rut hunts in Montana. When you think of western mule deer hunting, SNS Outfitters is your #1 source.
Hunting will be done on foot from all spike camps but with a call to the wrangler for a pack out. Guided trophy Mule Deer hunting in Unit 68 Colorado, the Rio Grande National Forest, and La Garita Wilderness. Unit 68 is a sleeper unit for great mule deer. From high country bow hunts to 3 rd and 4 th season trophy rut hunts we have you covered ...
Hunt Schedule. All of our mule deer hunts are minimum 6 full hunting days. Longer trips for the mule deer enthusiasts/freaks can be booked upon request. Clients can expect to fly into Grande Prairie the day before the hunt and depart the day after the hunt ends. 2020/21 Season Dates: October 21-28 October 31-7. RATE INFO
Mule Deer (October 1-31) 4 day deer only and 5 day deer/antelope combo hunts. We rifle hunt mule deer the entire month of October. Our Wyoming mule deer hunts are run out of our headquarters near Buffalo and our Kaycee camp. Triple Three Outfitters has many private leases totaling over 100,000 acres to hunt mule deer.
Apr 03, 2012 · Premium Mule Deer Hunts Under $2000 in Nebraska Now is the time to start planning and booking your 2012 hunts to ensure you get the best dates and guaranteed tags. Whether you are a beginner or seasoned veteran, we have the trophy quality you are looking for and prices everyone can afford.
Open Country Hunting. 2612 South 1030 West. Salt Lake City, Utah 84119. 801-671-8188. Guide - Gary Butler: Under Construction. Welcome to Open Country Hunting. The best Utah Elk & Mule Deer Hunting in Northern Utah.
This is a 5 day fully outfitted hunt in New Mexico from open pasture filled with mesquite and cholla cactus, to big mesa country with deep canyons and rocks the size of houses elevation 4,000 to 5,500 feet. We also offer big mountain timber country with beautiful streams this hunt would be higher in elevation but very promising 7,000 to 10,500 ...
Alberta is known as a premier mule deer hunting destination, but this province also has great hunting for pronghorn antelope, bighorn sheep, black bears, mountain lions, elk, Canada moose, whitetail deer, bison, and wolves. Long hunting seasons and generous limits make Alberta a great place to hunt big game, but don’t forget the fantastic ...
Sep 23, 2010 · As for mule deer, well, there simply shouldn't be any argument. Under most circumstances you don't need a magnum .30 to hunt mule deer, but if you have one in your hands you can handle any sensible shot at any sensible range. So the fast .30s are my idea of the best setup for the West's ultimate combo, elk and mule deer.
This includes over 430,000 mule deer and 280,000 elk, the largest elk population of any state. The largest mule deer and elk herds occur in western Colorado. If occurring in high enough population numbers for enough time, wolves in Colorado might locally impact some big game herds and hunting opportunities.
My own personal experience is this. I have a NEF Limited Edition Handi-Rifle in .30-30 with a Leupold 3-9X40 Xari X III scope. Shooting 150 gr Hornady SST's it will shoot inside .75moa at 100yds, and maintains enough velocity/energy at 300 yds to make this gun capable of taking Mule Deer at that range (yes I have done it, I am not guessing).
Every year for the past 12 years me and my 3 buddy's go on a deer hunting trip, this year we decided on Alabama. After contacting several different outfitters we decided on Blackwell Bend Hunting Lodge and we are very happy we did. The staff was great and very hard working and knowledgeable, we all had good chances at some great bucks the first ...
Located in one of the most productive areas in North Dakota, the limited hunting at Deep Creek provides unmatched Mule Deer and Whitetail trophy hunting. The hunts include one of our cabins (16x36 or 12'x24' with amenities), on 13,000+ acres, on a working cattle ranch in western North Dakota.
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Feb 09, 2016 · Hunts for these trophy deer are out of reach for the average working man at $7,000 to $10,000 per hunt. But some deer must be culled each year, the ones with inferior antler genes, so that’s ...
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